Barrie Musgrave

Family Constellation Therapist

Programme and contacts   2013

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Summer 2013 in Bristol UK  +44 (0) 78519 57770

Barrie is taking the summer off from Constellations to help his eldest son Oliver with his new career change.

September 2013 - Workshops in Athens, Greece
Weekends 7/8th  and 14/15th   also either  21/22nd or 28/29th
Workshops in English translated  into Greek
Contact: Elfie Adamidou at 'Inner Flow'  + 30 69727 19591

Understand and resolve issues that run in the family from generation to generation. If you have issues such as sadness, anxiety, eating disorders, unexplainable fear and anger, feelings of abandonment, abuse, suicidal thoughts, illness, alcoholism and drug addiction, these can be resolved by looking into the dynamics of your family history. By doing a family constellation your issues can be healed on a very deep level. You will be able to understand how certain problems have affected and been passed on generation after generation.

What is family constellation therapy

Family constellations work on the soul level, healing the unseen and hidden entanglements that are within our families today and might have been for several generations.

One can either participate in a weekend workshop, with 10 – 12 people, or do a private session with Barrie. During a private session we might use antique figures to represent you, your family, ancestors and any area that you want to work on e.g. illness, trauma, job or relationship. With Barrie´s guidance and with your own insights, you have the possibility of getting a clear understanding of your life and have your issues be resolved.

Once we have found the entanglement it releases itself automatically, this shift can be felt though out the family system. That is why a whole family can heal from one member doing a constellation even though the other members of the family never knew a constellation had taken place. 

A private session, using antique figures as representatives of family members

As the individual heals we heal seven generations ahead and seven generation behind.

Native America Wisdom”

Tea break during a constellation w
orkshop in Japan

Besides being a family constellation therapist, Barrie is also trained and well experienced in using therapies such as soul retrieval, past life clearing, emotional freedom technique (EFT) and trauma release.

Barrie has held over a thousand private constellation sessions with people from 59 different countries, and also held group workshops in Japan, Thailand, Spain, Denmark, UK, with many thousands more. He has also worked in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Barrie comes from a family of healers, his mother was a psychic healer and his father was a sports injury physiotherapist. People came to their house from all over the country to receive healing. Barrie has studied many fields of healing, and has now come to the understanding that only the Soul can heal itself. He sees himself as a facilitator working on the soul level.


When Barrie gave me a private Family Constellation session in Jan 2008. I did not understand how the Constellation worked. I still don't. All I know is that it transformed not only my life but that of my family's.   My family history included alcoholism with violence, paranoid schizophrenia, agoraphobia and rheumatoid arthritis.  My mother was controlling and unable to express love. Both my father and sister had attempted suicide when I was younger. My father stopped drinking 13 yrs ago at the age of about 70.One of the things that saddened me most was that for 40 yrs of my life he had never eaten a family meal with us at the table preferring to eat cold leftovers a few hours later on his own. I felt a deep need to heal not just myself but our whole family especially as my parents were becoming elderly and I did not want them to die with so much unhealed and unresolved. Following a two and a half hour session with Barrie I felt an immediate shift in myself as if a huge burden had been released.
I never mentioned the constellation to my family but over the next 10 months I noticed my family begin to transform. My mother softened and released the need to control. My sister who at the same time last year was about to be sectioned (being sent to mental hospital) healed beyond belief. She is no longer agoraphobic and even went to India on holiday! Her mental state improved dramatically and physically the arthritis although still present causes her little pain.
My father for the first time in 40 years now eats regular meals with the family... As a family we are becoming more open and loving with each other.
It is as if some family karma has been healed and released. I cannot thank Barrie enough for his amazing work with me. He healed a whole family in a few hours.

I'm still blown away by it all. I do feel very different and as though I've finally let go the heavy load which has hampered me throughout my life, since I was about 6 or 7. It's as if I can enter the world on a level playing field now, as it was usually quite a struggle before and I couldn't know why. Nor could I explain it to anyone. I just knew I was disadvantaged, with low energy levels and not being able to keep up with other people. Resolving this is the biggest gift anyone could ever give me!  It's what I've been hoping for and trying for many years. Amazing.  I also feel like I've opened up to the world, and its possibilities.
I feel great and quite different, with my energy levels so much better.  But I'm completely in awe of the work we did and I don't think my life will be the same again.  You are so kind, Barrie, to have given me so much of your time and help.
Notes: J had an extremely traumatic experience during childhood, that blocked her throughout her life, this was released during the session.

You are a wonderful teacher, what you do for your fellow human beings is priceless and there is great reward for you I just feel it, I am grateful to have met you. This was a profound experience for me and you were the leading edge guide that helped change me forever!
N. England
Notes: N was abused as a child by her stepfather, she was able to walk away at the end of the session, a free women without any feelings that she was in anyway responsible for what happened.

I want to thank you again for your time and the amazing work you've done on and with me. I do feel very hopeful for the future and I feel motivated and encouraged to fulfill the plans I've had in my mind for a long time... something just hindered me from doing it all the time.
H. Europe.
Notes: H had severe depression and anxiety, she was able to completely release her depression and anxiety during the session.

I have been thinking of you since I got back... and talking about you to people who kind of need you…. I am now Completely transformed, every day I am double checking myself, its unbelievable, even my husband, who himself a healer, is so surprised….
V. Turkey.
Notes: V inherited her mother’s irritability and anger, which was cleared during the constellation.

You were right.  Everything has been changed.  I have been observing, following and enjoying every moment...and sharing with family, with friends...especially with my mom at the moment.  I am planning to bring her to Thailand in the near future to do a family constellation with you...but I felt there probably are lots of trauma that needs to be cleared first...we will see.
Y. Beijing. China
Notes: Y suffered the isolation and abandonment from what her parents had been through during the Maoist era and was atoning for them and her country.

I warmly recommend Barrie. I have been so lucky as to have had a healing session with him and he is, in my opinion, a genius.  Everything feels so much simpler and lighter to be me, and it has been like this ever since. It felt as if he moved my ”inner building materials” so everything fell back into the right place , and now I feel so much better.
P. MD. Denmark

Thank you for working with me.  I can’t begin to tell you how different I feel towards life after seeing you, you are such a gifted person and I literally feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  All the guilt, shame and even the recurring nightmares have disappeared and my life has become a lot easier to face. 
J. UK.